What one Customer says about Connixt

Your Current Forms. Your Processes.
Digitized to the cloud in 48 hours. Seriously.

Your Current Forms. Your Processes.
Digitized to the cloud in 48 hours. Seriously.

So, what’s different about Connixt?


Connixt applies new thinking to old problems:

  • Focus on field user creates higher adoption
  • Expertise in existing consumer devices allows for using never-before used technologies easily
  • Cloud allows for system to be always working, dependable, inexpensive and simple to implement
  • Cloud personalization allows for forms and processes to be simply deployed YOUR way Using now standard technologies to revolutionize the field workforce with an affordable, quickly implemented solution.

Why pick Connixt for your enterprise mobile needs ?

Get there Fast

Rapid deployment, instant global onboarding –48 hours to user

Low IT Impact

No added infrastructure, no changes to you ERP / EAM, no maintenance


All transactions are orchestrated and integrated in the cloud (and back-end integration is optional)


Your data is safe – ALWAYS – and neither Connixt nor anyone else can ever use your data

100% User Adoption

Users want easy-to-use, intuitive mobile apps – and that’s what they get from Connixt

Integrated & in synch

everyone gets the same version of truth

Your Forms

Your users will see your forms on their devices – not some canned one-size-fits-all form

Native Everywhere

The best user-experience no matter whether smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android Online and offline: Use wherever you need to, whether you have data connectivity or not


Leverage everything latest that your device and OS have to offer – from the most current security to the best in navigation

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time analytics for executives, operations and suppliers
There is a ConnixtApp for you!